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The Ultimate Core Fitness System



Gaming Overview

The Byramid Ultimate Core Fitness System can also be used with the
Byramid Gaming Board and and Gaming APP to further enhance
your exercise experience - so you can have fun whilst working out!


Byramid Gaming Board™

Simply attach the Byramid Gaming Board to the Byramid Ultimate Core Fitness System, then start playing and having fun getting the ball around the mazes whilst exercising!

Byramid Gaming APP™

The Byramid Gaming APP was designed to be played on your smart phone give maximum benefits to your muscles and posture whilst having fun playing at the same time.


Byramid Phone APP Holder™

Simply attach the Phone APP Holder to the Byramid Ultimate Core Fitness System, then slide your phone in to secure it in a locked position to start playing the Byramid Gaming APP whilst exercising. The Phone APP Holder is cleverly designed to virtually fit any sized smart phone - including a Samsung to an LG, Sony or an Apple iPhone.

Have fun whilst Exercising!

You’re now ready to start having fun with the Byramid Game APP! Simply start by trying to move the ball towards the cube. Once the ball has successfully hit the cube, you’ve won! It will then proceed to the next round. You’ll notice your muscles getting more toned before you know it with a challenging yet fun workout experience!